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Holistic Weekends : Global Wellness Experience

Holistic Weekends

Life is a journey and a journey can change your life: share it with us.


Which holistic weekend is most suitable to you?

We have chosen a specific character for each of the experiences we offer you, as each of them is inspired and modelled on the unique spirit of a place. However, they are all accomunated by the magnificent Tuscany scenery, by the exploration of authentic and un-spoilt corners and by the condivision of global well-being activities with other fellow travellers. Find out about our proposals and pick the one that suits you.

Weekend Holistic Wellness at Montecatini Terme

In areas full of memories we find our history, conscious of being part of the Cosmos and looking to the present we give a joyous welcome to another spring. We discover the origins of flavours, of taste and of beauty.

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Weekend Holistic Wellness in Versilia

Water is life. Mankind is water. Water is precious and limited. Let’s learn to know and appreciate it from every side. Let’s steep in and regenerate. Let’s come back home…

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Weekend Holistic Wellness in Chianti

In the elegance of the Tuscan countryside, the flavours and sounds are revealed to the senses. Your eyes learn to look beyond and to see inside. Your body gives to life and draws pleasure….

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Weekend Holistic Wellness near Siena

The earth, the moon, the silence, internal strength, the spirit. The magic of the place, the colours, the fragrances, the space, the spirit. The journey, the wind, the shadows, the destination, the spirit. Here the cycle of nature envelops us completely…

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Feel free to contact the Tuscan Spirit staff for all information about your next holistic weekend in Tuscany, for a tailored relaxing holiday.

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