LIFE IS A JOURNEY: Holistic & Spiritual Experiences in Tuscany and in the World



Global Holistic Wellness

Tuscan Spirit Services

Oly Convention

You write it “oly convention” and read it “holistic convention”. Tuscan Spirit proposes a new way of organizing your corporate events. We bring together business, professional training, mental relaxation and body care.

You will recover, also in your business, an equilibrium with yourself, which is too often forgotten. All this, in the wonderful frame of the Tuscan landscape, in the soothing warmth of thermal water, in the sincere atmosphere of a gourmet dinner.

Your co-workers have never been so close to you!

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Holistic Weekends

Life is a journey and a journey can change your life: share it with us.

We have chosen a specific character for each of the experiences we offer you, as each of them is inspired and modelled on the unique spirit of a place. However, they are all accomunated by the magnificent Tuscany scenery, by the exploration of authentic and un-spoilt corners and by the condivision of global well-being activities with other fellow travellers.

Find out about our proposals and pick the one that suits you.

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Training Courses and holistic experiences

Tuscan Spirit proposes you customized training courses and holistic experiences with qualified business consultants and specialitsts in holistic disciplines.

Our professionals are able to design and develop ad hoc programs according to the specific needs of your company. The objective is to deal effectively with business dynamics for improving them or resolving possible criticalities to create a more stimulating and productive work environment.

We aim at promoting personal and professional growth adding to the individual’s personal values and as a consequence – to those of the company.

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