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Our Tuscany

Our Tuscany

In this section we have the pleasure of hosting our “Tuscany Spirit”, describing our love of Tuscany with a short introduction and some visual pictures.

Frequently we ask ourselves what really counts in life and our answers lead us to places and situations belonging to a world which can only be imagined. It would be nice to start off for the discovery of an area where people live in harmony and direct contact with the land (as near to the sky as possible), with enchanting panoramas, where the quality of daily life is shared with all and where one lives with respect for nature, art, traditions, history, enjoying delicious food dishes which change along with the seasons, food grown in small vegetable gardens or on old holdings, where the land has always been cultivated, alongside vineyards which offer the best wines in the world, superjacent archeological sites and views of antique castles.

paesino-toscano-01No, it’s not a dream or paradise. We call this Tuscany and it’s normality. It’s possible that because we were born here we take it all for granted, but each one of us knows of the fortune that this land has given to us at anytime. But, with an indifferent complicity, we continue to see and do what we have always done, living well with these things close to hand.

borgo-toscano-01And, to be able to live a better life we await with pleasure friends like yourselves who can come and stay with us and share all of this. That is why our small and large boroughs are always busy organizing festivals, fairs, cultural events, parades and exhibitions. It is a pleasure for us to help you enjoy yourselves.

Perhaps we might make fun of you, but this only because we are “toscanacci and a little bit cheeky”, and we are still able to joke with life and enjoy doing so. We like doing the shopping at the local district markets and in the small shops, trying to avoid the large shopping centres. Here they prefer the Palio (traditional horse-race event), il Calcio in Costume (football in traditional attire), le Giostre del Cavalli e Cavalieri (jousting tournaments with knights on horses), and the neighbourhood / district challenges to the usual football match at the football stadium.

The medieval past is part of our playground, the river Arno and the spa thermals are our muddy lands (gange) and the landscape is our television, life itself is our spectacle.

All in all we are the Etruscans of today. Come and be re-born in Tuscany.

Stefano – Maestro di meditazione

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