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Analogical nonverbal communication course

Analogical nonverbal communication course

corso-di-comunicazione-analogica-non-verbaleCommunication is a process which is more than words; it reaches the depths and innermost self of a human being. To be efficient and successful it must appeal to the real emotive needs which determine a person’s choices and actions.

Non Verbal Analogical Communication supplies practical instruments to recognize these needs thereby offering fitting solutions to the specific requirements and fundamental problems in the various spheres of life of each individual.

For professional needs, the Non Verbal Analogical Communication courses offer personalized programmes realized by consultants-entrepreneurs who have experimented the efficiency of this method in the field. The courses provide the possibility to quickly acquire the appropriate tools to manage various business dynamics and to create a more collaborative and productive work atmosphere.

The objectives: increasing charisma and leadership, improving self-esteem and developing one’s own potential, strengthening the identity and the cohesion of the group, perfecting the management of human resources and managing conflicts both internally and externally of the business.


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