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Tuscan Spirit

Tuscan Spirit

ulivo secolareEvery day could be extraordinary, Just desire it! Only the things which we desire can become a reality.

After ten years of experience within the tourist sector, and in this beautiful land of Tuscany, the ideas of Tuscan Spirit have evolved. Today they have taken form and materialized.

We believe that the well-being of the person is the same only when it is all round, that is when every part of the human being (body, mind and spirit) is in harmony with the true interests and reality, which apparently seem external, that surround us.

This holistic vision of the human experience on earth is the base of our project.

The society in which we live today is more hectic, more hysterical and over-exposed. We understand how important silence, listening , attention, living now, even more, how important it is to look into ourselves, discover our strengths and participate with the awareness of the extraordinary journey of life.

We have created proposals for ceremonial events and company conventions in which the quality, the “Tuscany style” and the psychophysical well-being is always present.

We want to offer you the opportunity of seeing with your own eyes our already wonderful Tuscany, proposing the “Traveller”, to go further than the experimentation of your five senses, to discover the mind and free the spirit.

Each one of us takes what one feels is right for oneself, without fear of being judged and respect of each ones individuality.

An occasion to undertake a route of personal growth?

An occasion to experiment?

An occasion to make friends?

Surely an occasion to love Tuscany and even more oneself.

Giovanni Fabbrico

Administrator. Scholar of holistic disciplines, coach in systemic constellations and management.


Irene Fabbrico

Sales manager


Roberta Rendina

Roberta Rendina

Yoga and meditation teacher and coordinator of Scuola Yoga Hridaya Italia located in Bologna and Modena.

Rosa Mura

Rosa Mura

Expert in quantum physics, bio-energy, metamedicine, pranotherapy and Essene therapist.

Matt Traverso

Matt Traverso

Coach and management trainer. International expert in health and wellness.

Laura Topper

Laura Topper

New songwriter of positive thought, spiritual leader and founder of “Mama in Mission”.

Jason Topper

Jason Salmon

Music therapist, songwriter and composer.

Davide Foschi

Davide Foschi

International artist and spiritual researcher. Founder of Nuovo Rinascimento.


A never-ending “thank” to those who have contributed with firm belief in the participation of realizing this project. We thank:

Sabra Armida (Life is a Journey..) for the development and supervision of the project, the idealization and projection of the tours, for the precious attention to details and for her capacity to go further than the common senses, and for her continuous stimulation to become better.

Irene Marta Fabbrico for the passion within the projection of the web-site, for the aesthetic sensibility and cure for details, for the coordination of the events.

Alessandro Spissu (Never has the Spirit been so enjoyable..!) for his advice with the communication and marketing, for the supervision of the ceremonial events and company conventions, for the stimulating invitations to grow and for his energy and cheerfulness.

Stefano Paoletti (Start-off alone and return in company as myself..) for the supervision of the holistic components of the programmes and for his humanity and mildness.

Federica Paperetti for her attention and humbleness in the contribution of the development of the product.

Alessandra BertocchiniGiuliana GiulianoEva-Maria von Hayn, e Ruggero Facchi for the suggestions, advice and encouragement towards the procedures of becoming better.

Pamela Verreschi Francesca Turi for performing with commitment the roles of Ambassadors for Tuscan Spirit.

Finally, thanks to Tuscany, its inhabitants and all of the external collaborators, such as directors, the owners and the workers at the hotel structures and thermal spas, the restaurants, the Wine canteens, etc… without whom this project would not have taken life and developed.

Life is a Journey | By Tuscan Spirit