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Tuscan Spirit identity is firmly based on same personal and professional respect for employees, collaborators and suppliers as much as for clients. Keeping faithful to…

strada-di-campagna-con-filari-di-cipressi… the spirit of openness and seriousness which characterizes our initiatives, we respect human beings, their freedom, dignity, work, cultural, religious, political and sexual beliefs; we furthermore respect national and international laws regulating civil society between people and state, national and international laws which regulate the touristic services sector, congresses and organization of events, equality amongst all ethnic groups, all aspects of religion, nature, all living creatures and the environment which surrounds us.

Through our projects and programmes our intentions are to encourage the harmonious development of the person, which is considered a part of the body, mind and spirit, the possibility of every individual to express themselves without being afraid of judgement and in harmony with others, respect of human beings, favouring the mutual comprehension and the sharing of values of which, friendship, the acceptance of solidarity towards others, legal safeguard of work, and responsible and substainable tourism.

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